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Helping independent creators in music, art, and comics reach their true potential both online and off.

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Helping those in the arts reach the heights they deserve.

Synergist Ventures LLC is proud to be one of the newest leading companies in Multimedia, Publishing, and Entertainment. Our concentration on the merging of arts and entertainment (such as our publishing relationship with the webcomic SHATTERED) or the establishment of new talent (such as with Young Steinway Artist Michael Drusdow), Synergist Ventures is posed to push forward into the future with online marketing management, publishing, and more!

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Greensboro, NC


Our Vision


From music to podcasts to vlogs, we are prepared to help those we work with reach the heights they need to in order to succeed through the platforms of multimedia.


Starting with a single project, a proof of concept, and making it available to all through publishing physical works, musical works, and more!


To infinity and beyond! Our vision encompasses more than just comics and music. We also aim for the stars with future plans for moving into various forms of entertainment.